Punjabi School

Bhai Gurdas Ji Punjabi School is a community language school located within the Gurudwara premises. The school is registered with Community Languages Australia and  Department of Education and Training.

The Aim

The aim of school is to teach:

  • The Punjabi language including the history, culture and values of Punjabi community.
  • Gurbani and Gurmat values.
  • In addition, the school will focus on promoting the multiculturalism through interaction with the wider Australian communities.

About the School
In 2013, our dedicated team of six teachers have volunteered their services to teach 120 students. With the combined efforts of our staff and Gurduwara management committee members, in the first year of school accreditation, the school has successfully achieved a milestone of its long term commitment and a vision of fostering and sustaining the Punjabi language and culture among the wider Punjabi community in Melbourne.
Where the school has been inviting and welcoming for local Punjabi community it has also been a focus for local English speaking Australians. In last year, four Australian students were enrolled and they emphasised the need to learn the Punjabi language.
To forecast the expected numbers of students in 2014, numerous efforts have been made in regards to upgrading the school building which consists of four spacious rooms and a large hall. All rooms are fully air conditioned and equipped with audio visual aids. In addition, the number of teachers has been increased to 10 and the availability of a large range of bilingual Punjabi books from nursery to year 5 has also been increased.


Please refer to the below information for enrolment:

  • minimum age for enrolment is 5 years
  • enrolment fees $50
  • nil tuition fees
  • collect the enrolment form from school
  • submit it either via email at  school@sgss.org.au or drop it in person on any Sunday  between 10am to 1pm during school term

For more information or feedback please contact school co-ordinator Satinder Pal Kaur either via email at  school@sgss.org.au or call on 0424600045